ArtHub Mobile App

The ArtHub Mobile App supports gallery owners and curators by providing them with a platform to explore and connect with talented artists from around the world, enabling them to exhibit artwork in traditional galleries.

 Final prototypes for ArtHub images (above)

My Role: UX Designer designing an app for ArtHub from conception to delivery.

Problem: There is lack of a platform that assists gallery owners and curators in discovering talented international artists to exhibit their artwork in galleries. 

Responsible: Conducting interviews, user research, creating paper and digital wireframing, developing low and high-fidelity prototypes, conducting usability studies, ensuring accessibility, and continuously iterating on designs. 

Wireframe &

Low fidelity


Before usability study 

After usability study 

Early designs allowed artist’s photo and a condensed version of artist statement, but after the usability studies, I added the complete  artist statement in a scrollable format. Additionally, I added a horizontal scroll for the artist’s artwork photos to be displayed with the statement on the artist information screen, allowing users to view the work as they read the statement

High Fidelity

During the development of the ArtHub app, I discovered that initial concepts are merely the starting point of the design process. Through usability testing, research, and peer feedback, I was able to refind my designs and identify the specific needs and desires of the users, which enabled me to make necessary improvements to enhance their experience. 

According to a peer review, "The app's efficient search functionality made it effortless to find international artists! I highly recommend this app to fellow gallery curators."


ArtHub Casestudy Presentation

ArtHub Mobile App Casestudy