ArtHub Website

The ArtHub Website supports gallery owners and curators to explore and connect with talented artists from around the world, enabling them to exhibit artwork in traditional galleries.

  Final prototypes for ArtHub website images (above)

My Role: UX Designer designing an app for ArtHub from conception to delivery.

Problem: There is lack of a platform that assists gallery owners and curators in discovering talented international artists to exhibit their artwork in galleries. 

Responsible: Conducting interviews, user research, creating paper and digital wireframing, developing low and high-fidelity prototypes, conducting usability studies, ensuring accessibility, and continuously iterating on designs. 



Low Fidelity


High Fidelity

I learned that even a seemingly minor design change can significantly affect user’s experience. The most important takeaway for me is to always focus on the real needs of the user while developing design concepts and solutions.  

ArtHub Website Design

ArtHub Website Case Study